Dry whole milk/whole milk powder is usually obtained by removing water from pasteurized, homogenized whole milk. It may also be obtained by blending fluid, condensed or skimmed milk powder with liquid or dry cream or with fluid, condensed or dry milk, provided the composition of the dry whole milk/whole milk powder. Dry whole milk/whole milk powder must contain between 26% and 40% milk fat (by weight) on an as is' basis and not more than 5.0% moisture (by weight) on a milk-solids-not-fat (MSNF) basis. By removing moisture to the greatest extent possible, microbial growth is prevented. Dry whole milk/whole milk powders are available in roller-dried and spray-dried form, the latter being the most common. Vitamin and mineral fortification is also an option. We are offering wide range of milk powder to our clients, which is good for health and nourishes body with high nutrient content. The milk powder is extremely tasty and absolutely natural in flavor. Made with the right amount of preservatives, our range of whole milk powder retains its taste and freshness for long.
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