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Tirupati Steel Traders is a member of the Tirupati that have served India and World well for over years. The group is privately owned and proud to say that it is “STEELING INDIA STEELING WORLD”. Tirupati Steel Traders distributes steel products, sourced from a network of INDIA's leading steel producers, from major players like SAIL, JINDAL & RINL .Tirupati Steel Traders supplies angles, beams, channels, rebars, rail, wires, rounds/rods, crossing sleeper bars for railway, Hot rolled coils, cold rolled coils, plates and flates destined to form the backbone of many of the country's major engineering and construction projects.

Tirupati Steel Traders recognizes that in a changing world it is reliability and relationships that last, and we continue to dedicate ourselves to those principles. We trust that you value relationships as much as we do and we look forward to being of service to you. Buying and selling steel is only part of our business. Moving steel from supplier to customer is a major part of what we do.
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