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Our position in the industry brings us responsibilities and opportunities. Through our corporate responsibility strategy, we recognize that our commitment to the world around us extends beyond the bottom line, to include the people in whom we invest, the communities we support and the world in which we operate. Corporate ethics are in large part in ensuring that this company-wide philosophy guides all our operations. We believe our position in the industry brings unique responsibilities and opportunities. We have a responsibility to operate profitably, while also adding value to business partner in a responsible and transparent manner.

Our commitment to our customers is unwavering, and itís the commitment that drives us forward and influences every business decision we make. We seek insight into customersí needs and use this to empower them to prepare for their futures with confidence. From our culture, to the products and services we offer, we are a group that is dedicated to the financial success of millions of people.

TQM is one of the fundamental pillars of our service, which is under continued development, adapting At all times to changing market needs, the intensification of international competition and economical Changes, the growing pressure of costs and new ways of organization, with a view to obtaining and of Our customers maintaining the highest quality in our products for the greater satisfaction
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