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Namaste !

A hearty welcome to the world of Tirupati ! We are one of the leading player in the trading business it has been our continuous endeavor to promote and achieve major operational goals, it augments its reputation as a formidable name in trade business.

Steel plays an important role in infrastructure creation and its consumption is a reliable index to measure economic development and social well being. India is the fifth largest global steel producer and is well positioned to become the second largest producer in the near future. The steel industry in India holds considerable optimism, despite the global economic slowdown. This optimism has an important basis. The industry does not rely heavily on exports to the developed world. Indiaís enormous domestic market can support its growth. The domestic steel consumption in the infrastructure and consumer durables sector is likely to see an upward trend.

In endeavor to keep the commitment, we are spanning into engineering is not just jointing something into a given base, rather it is adding wings to an object ensued in a flyer to make it fly. Posing adequate knowledge what infrastructure requires, having ample resources within approach to cater the demands by different industries, sky is also not sketching our boundary in engineering.

Notwithstanding challenges, we performed commendably in 2011-12 with a growth rate of 24% thanks to enhanced scale, increased demand and escalating realizations. We are consistently growing our capacity to maintain the pace and further accelerate it. Our performance in 2011-12 is once again due to the efforts of our exceptional team of talented and highly motivated professionals endeavor to succeed beyond the sky. We also think that it takes a value driven culture to bring out the potential of our people. Our people as individuals as well as team are taking responsibility for their actions; making decisions in the best interests of the Company; and executing with focus, excellence and integrity.

Tirupatiís business priorities have never overshadowed its community efforts. In fact, we have always looked upon our business as an enabling force for social advancement. Moreover, we are uplifting underprivileged communities and supporting locals to develop professional skills and earn a better livelihood.

At Tirupati, all business decisions are guided by sensitivity towards the environment and emphasis on social welfare, with the participation of employees, contractors, customers, communities and all other stakeholders. We are enhancing our focus more on the use of green technologies to reduce our carbon footprint and optimize the use of natural resources.

I thank our Board of Directors, employees, business associates and at last not the least, our privileged customers without whom we would not have been what we are.
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