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Tirupati is establishing distributorships for its entire product line of STEEL, ENGINEERING AND COMMODITY. Becoming an “Exclusive Distributor” of Tirupati’s products opens the doors to multiple avenues for Return on Investment (ROI). Additionally, by selling and sub-dividing the “Exclusive Distributorship” into smaller territories, your initial investment would be recovered. These sub-distributor sales teams will reach their potential by working territories they know best. As an added financial benefit, you will be collecting revenues for all products national sales account of products that are shipped to your territory. Tirupati is committed to its “Exclusive Distributor”, and will ensure that no Distributor will ever have to compete with the parent company. Currently, Tirupati is offering the “Exclusive Distribution Rights” throughout the country as well as specific countries around the world for full range of products. The distributors will control large areas (states) and the right to sub-divide into territories utilizing their sub-distributors selling to numerous markets with repeat and continuous sales, year in and year out. As well as serves to spread the tremendous opportunity to other individuals who are more intimately linked to the customers in their own back yard. Tirupati’s Assistance to Distributors Tirupati has developed an effective national and international management team to assist distributors.

We believe that the management team is crucial to the continuing growth of the company. The problem that companies face difficulties as they look to grow beyond their borders. Most companies lack awareness of local cultures and understanding of markets. In India, while clearly a major global market, has nuances that can only be managed with hands-on local experience. Tirupati’s management teams are in tune with local cultures and approach them with respect understanding of these markets. Tirupati’s management takes an advisory approach and provides support in all key areas to our distribution network, regional (state), nationwide and global operations helping grow their business while achieving the right balance between local and international management. The team will bring further experience to product development and general operations. Understanding this from the very beginning is critical to the success of each Distributor.

Tirupati does not believe success happens overnight. Recruitment and development of distributorships can take a considerable amount of time, and an effective response will include planning both short and long-term approaches. Tirupati will assist local management (with Tirupati advisors providing support in all key areas of distribution). Tirupati recognizes distributors will manage and guide their own operation in their specific state or country and ultimately are the people that best understand their local environment.Tirupati is in a position to make a real difference in the world with its Integrity. It is years ahead of anything else on the market. You have an invitation to be a part of this outstanding opportunity as an Exclusive Distributor for Tirupati and we believe the Return on Investment (ROI) will exceed your expectations. For further information please contact us.

We welcome you to join our Tirupati Team.
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