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Tirupati offers challenging and rewarding careers in several principal areas:

Create the vision and strategy for building leading brands. Manage stewardship and innovation with activities ranging from brand advertising and promotions to in store "guerrilla" programs to reach our targeted consumers.

Pursue our business development opportunities. Develop results oriented sales plans to achieve brand-building market leadership to fulfill customer needs. Engineering and fabrication operations Develop quality products, processes, and production methods to keep the company winning today. Ensure the competitive edge needed to build the leading brands of tomorrow.

Production & Maintenance
Produce, inspect or test, warehouse and ship quality products in a team environment with a focus on customer satisfaction. Repair, maintain and troubleshoot various processes and equipment to ensure the efficient operation of the facility.

Guide the key business decisions with sound financial and accounting expertise. Provide the fiscal tools needed for organization success.

Human Resources
Attract, recruit and retain the best people. Create and maintain the highest Standards of workplace excellence through development of our talent that encompasses a variety of components such as training, career development, career management and organizational development.
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