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Fertiliser and Chemicals sector have played an important role in making the country self-reliant in food grain production. The history of the Indian fertilizer industry dates back to 1906, when the first fertilizer factory opened at Ranipet (Tamil Nadu). Since then, there have been major developments in terms of both the quantity and the types of fertilizers produced, the technologies used and the feed stocks employed. The fertilizer industry in India is in the core sector and second to steel in terms of investment. We offer steel in different verities, to suit the various requirements of the clients. With the understanding of the chemical industry and hence we provide steel to meet their specific requirement.

As regards corrosion resistance, resistance to acids, wear proof and reliability, steel components to be used in the chemical industry must comply with very stringent requirements. The selection of the right material, combined with a first rate fabrication ensure longevity and economic use of stainless steel materials. A great number of projects in the chemical process industry rely on the approved quality.

Our long-standing experience in the production of stainless steel materials, i. e. the big range of steel product available from our stock in various material grades for components in special alloys to be produced according to very stringent technical specifications, will support and assist you in your sophisticated tasks. We have been an approved supplier for many years to Industries in this sector. The chemical industry is very important to us as it gives rise to innovations.
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