The Buchanania lanzan also known as Chironji, Chiranji, Charoli fruits are considered as one of the delicious wild fruits. The seeds are also eaten. The seeds are regarded as substitute for almonds. Chironji tree produces gum benzoin similar but inferior to that from Styrax benezoin. Bark yields tannin (upto 13 percent) and used in tannin industries. As mentioned earlier, the seed is substitute to almond, the natives extract oil for seed and use it as almond oil. According to reference literatures, it is also good substitute to olive-oil. Chironji is used for coating tablets for delayed action. For the natives and traditional healers Chironji is a valuable herb. The natives use seeds for the preparation of sweets. A sweet dish called "Chironji Ki Barfi" is much popular among them both for delicious taste and nutritional properties. It is specially recommended for newlywed couples. Chironji is an almost evergreen, moderate sized tree, with straight, cylindrical trunk, upto 15 meters and tomentose branches. Bark rough dark grey or black, fissured into prominent squares, 1.25-1.75 cm thick, reddish inside. Leaf thickly coriaceous, broadly oblong, obtuse, base rounded. Flower small, greenish -white, in axillary or terminal panicles. Calyx 3-5 lobed, 1mm long, ovate , apex obtuse, petals 4-5, 3mm long, ovate, subacute. Disc fleshy, 5-lobed, stamens 10, inserted at the base of the disc, filaments linear. Ovary of 5-6 free carpels , situated inside the disc, only 1 carpel fertile. Drupe 8-12 in diameter. Seed hard stone, 4300-5300/Kg. According to reference literatures related to different systems of medicine in India, as medicine, roots, leaves, fruit, seeds and gum are used. According to Ayurveda, it removes biliousness, and cures blood disorders, fevers, thirst, ulcers, burning sensation of body. It is fattening, laxative, binding, cooling, aphrodisiac, cardio-tonic, astringent to bowels etc. According to Unani system of medicine, leaf juice is digestive, expectorant,aphrodisiac, purgative, blood purifier and allays thirst. Seeds are tonic to body and brain and useful in treatment of gleet, urinary concretions, fevers etc. low in sodium as well as being an excellent source of complex carbohydrates and vegetable proteins. INDIA has recently become an important producer and exporter of red lentils.
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