Grain and seed can be stored in many ways. All over the world, you will find silo for the storage of various types of grain, seed, foodstuffs, flour products and several other types of bulk from minerals to Industrial products. Silos are complete steel constructions which can be delivered in several combinations with centre outlet or side outlet according to requirements. Each silo is individually and precisely designed to meet the customer’s specific demands. The standard silo can be divided into raw material silos, delivery bins and process factories, all built upby means of a standard silo programme. The silo programme consists of e.g. large or small, square, round or trapezoidal silo solutions for smooth surface, etc. The silos are manufactured in heavy, trapezoidal bended or face plated steel plate, welded or bolted to solid corner posts – according to purpose.

The silos are delivered complete with anchor bolts iron, supporting construction, silo hoppers, walls, Decks, roof construction, achine decks, ladders, etc. for outdoor and indoor installation. The system is so flexible that any specific requirement easily can be fulfilled, for instance at installation in existing buildings. Due to the modular construction way, the silos allow easy extension in case of later demands for higher storing volume.
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